Magic Shot

An experimental French billiard game for the 21st century
by François Alliot, Arnaud De Bock & Renaud Bédard

Available on iOS and Google Play Store

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About Magic Shot

Magic Shot is an experimental billiard game. It's based on the game "3 balls" or "Carambolage", the root of modern billiards where players have to touch both the yellow and red balls with the white in a single shot.

We kept this very simple core rule and made the table evolve and morph from the classic rectangular shape. There's a new table every time you win, some levels are easy, some are more complex.

Magic Shot will be available soon for all your favorite entertainment devices.

Magic Shot has been selected for EGX Rezzed, Leftfield Collection (12-14 of March 2015).



Magic Shot OST was made by Renaud Bédard using LittleBits


Each track was recorded on a different patch of littleBits modules, assembled specifically for the intended song.

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